Generating Wealth through  ICT Financial Business

Only with ICT Zone Ventures Scheme

- Mudharabah Al-Mua'ddat -

It's time to tap into the potential of the ICT Equipment Leasing & Rental business.

ICT Zone Ventures Scheme is a brand new investment opportunity that takes full advantage of the potential of the ICT equipment leasing & rental business. It's the first ICT Interest Scheme approved by Malaysian government and regulated by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

The funds generated from the Scheme will be utilised completely to support ICT Zone Ventures' leasing & rental business, the clientele of which comprises of government agencies, public institutions and large private corporations. With a minimum investment of RM10,000.00, investors can enjoy returns of 8% yearly over the investment period, making this an ideal instrument for individuals and institutions alike, especially those looking for long-term capital appreciation and growth.

ICT Zone Ventures Scheme - Mudharabah Al-Mua'ddat is a Shariah-compliant interest scheme registered and licensed by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). This Shariah-compliant status is governed by Islamic Banking & Finance Institute of Malaysia (IBFIM), an authorised Shariah Auditor. That means on top of the 8% annual yield, investors are also entitled to additional profit sharing based on business performance. Essentially, the more we earn, the more you earn.