ICT Zone Ventures Berhad

ICT Zone Ventures Bhd ("ICTZV") is principally engaged in the ICT Equipment Leasing & Rental Business to both government & corporate sectors since incorporate on 28th January 2010. Once pioneer in the ICT ICT Equipment Leasing & Rental Business, we have revolved into Technology Financing (Techfin), where we are fully aware of our position in the Malaysian ICT Financing market needs, bridging the gap of the Local ICT industry needs and Financial by providing Technology Financing.

Hybrid both the Financial and ICT industry in Malaysia, where we are a finance company that provide ICT Financial Solution best known as Technology Financing (Techfin). We can help businesses to:

  1. Devise a flexible financing strategy that is tailored to business needs
  2. Increase productivity
  3. Optimise cost across the lifecycle of business IT assets

We offer simple, customised technology financing, leasing, rental, subscription, utility charge, transaction charge, manage services and asset disposal solutions to address each lifecycle stage. This includes planning, acquiring and managing business infrastructure and disposing of your retired assets in compliance with environmental laws and with appropriate attention to data security.

In January 2013, ICT Zone Ventures Bhd has successfully registered as Leasing and Factoring Company's registered in January 2013 under Bank Negara governed under Financial Services Act 2013. Meanwhile in 2014, is a year of recognition for ICT Zone Ventures as we won the prestigious award from Sin Chew Daily for the category of Young and Emerging Excellent Business Award on 19th September 2014.